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Its completely nice to use, and again I really dont have an issue with it. It really isnt that horrible — and why your rant seems utterly overzealous for the product market it is targeting. Telstra, for once telstra t-touch tab gotten something half decent right.

This will sell like hot cakes this xmas — and make alot of you apple telstra t-touch tab cringe which I think is nice. Imho, this is one of the best buys I have had in a long time. Look around.


I was surprised — especially for the tiny output areas, quite amazing. I often have some apps running and the interface is still nice and snappy and smooth thanks to the good multi-tasking android has. Did you just play with it in the telstra telstra t-touch tab I dont think this is an ipad competitor. Hardly a dog. By the way to suggest Renai is some kind of Apple fanboy is hilariously off the mark. While you may be happy with your T-Touch, you just have to face up to the fact that some of have higher standards. They are absurdly unresponsive and the lack telstra t-touch tab multi-touch limits your interaction with them hugely.

Hell, my 3.

The pixel density on the T-Touch is utter crap. Never been tempted by a smart phone — screens are too small to be useful. Never been tempted by an ipad — too big to carry around with me. Now I have device that replaces my telstra t-touch tab, mp3 player, diary, notepad and even my telstra t-touch tab. My handbag is a whole lot lighter with more space. The resistive screen has the advantage of only registering a click when you want it to and the stylus makes it much easier to be very accurate with where you click. With the trend nowadays, Apple can make a piece of flying shmit and sell it like hot cakes.

In fact, I think Renai should thank Telstra for bringing such products into Australian market, so you can have something to write about, something to compare to. Otherwise we will be seeing alot of reviews about iPad V. Oh, and thanks for making this such a hot topic, 30 some comments within such a short period is not bad at all!

Telstra T-Touch Tab

I am sorry to read this as I have been more than half interested in getting one of these. For something to be good value, it first has to be telstra t-touch tab.

Way to blow a positive customer service experience opportunity! Everything will telstra t-touch tab be inflated. As others have noted you actually need to use a stylus for it to be accurate. Introducing our first mobile tablet.

Telstra T-Touch Tab - T-Touch Tab, Android

Telstra News Posted on October 28, 3 min read. Most popular tech stories. Atlassian tech support secrets revealed - less Jira, more poker.


Dicker Data's shares dive, prompting 'please explain' from ASX. Telstra t-touch tab in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. The T-Touch, however, does feel surprisingly solid, despite its budget price. Grey plastic surrounds the rear of the unit, with a thin metal cover holding the battery and SIM card in place. The front features a 7 inch resistive touchscreen, around which are several soft buttons to take you back to the home screen, go back a step, view menus and telstra t-touch tab make a phone call.


All rights reserved. Most Read Articles Atlassian tech support secrets revealed.

Dell dominates hyper-converged market as Nutanix falls. Slow and poor compatibility.

This was sold to me through lies and deceit from Telstra sales, then it took a lot of work to telstra t-touch tab a refund. No support for flash or skype and does notrun half the android apps available.

Telstra T-Touch Tab Review

telstra t-touch tab Slow and locks up regularly. How long will a UPS keep your computers on if the lights go out? How to recover deleted emails in Gmail. How do I make sure my email is properly synced between all my computers?And the T-Touch Tab combines the exciting Android platform with touch screen technology and the speed of Telstra's Next G network at an. One mobile gadget, above all others, is shaping up to be a significant new mobile product for Dubbed the mobile tablet, this new type of.

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