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I assume there are some rack ears built to hold this. This Console sends 24—bit, The Latency is not bad at all on this guy. Barely noticeable.

Almost like chorus effect. I also own a Presonus Firepod and Firebox and all three of them preform quite well with very little latency. There are 2 sends and 2 returns. It has a 3 Band Shelving EQ. Yes there is also a built in effects section. At first glance, the Alesis Multimix Firewire mixers could be mistaken for any other affordable general-purpose analogue designs, but the inclusion of Firewire interfacing enables them to double as multi-channel computer audio interfaces, placing them in a very different league. When Mackie came up with their Onyx Firewire mixer, there were complaints that its excellent EQ was bypassed while recording, so Alesis have obviously learned from this feedback and placed their direct outputs after the EQ.

While I wouldn't pretend that the mixer section of the Multimix Firewire 16 is as sophisticated as the significantly more costly Mackie Onyx, it does have the benefit of being extremely inexpensive, and its functionality should suit a good many computer audio applications, especially where it is necessary to record multiple sources at the same time. If you have a computer multimix 16 firewire want multimix 16 firewire record a band, this is a great solution. My first port of call is usually the manufacturer's spec sheet, as this at least gives me some idea what to expect in terms of quality, but oddly the spec for this mixer misses out many important and informative details, such as noise figures, crosstalk, distortion, and frequency response.

Multimix 16 FireWire

Rating 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 multimix 16 firewire 5 stars. We'll Ship It Fast! Comments Ubuntu I have tried it on both 32 bit and 64 bit setups.

I start jack manually usig the following command: jackd -d firewire -D -i 18 -o 2 -p -r Works fine, all 18 input channels as well as the 2 output channels work fine for multimix 16 firewire. No more problems. Greetz, jo-m.

Alesis MultiMix Firewire 16

Hi Jo-m, were you using 16 multimix 16 firewire firewire and did you get all those channels working. All Rights Reserved. Enter your search terms Submit search form. Join us now! Forgot Your Password? I admit I have not really made the difference between the different reverb that sounded all more or less the same, which are anyway not editable.

I use Cubase rVerb or TrueVerb home Waves where everything is customizable, it's another planet, nothing to do with the integrated effects at the table! But hey, when multimix 16 firewire PC side, it's better than nothing. Conclusion: Alesis Multimix ceased production of there a few years ago, I mean those that multitrack recording. Instead they have released since the series "FX" that only allow recording of the mix in stereo, one wonders why. I think it was to reposition itself from the competition that is bcp more in multitrack recording. Anyway for a low price opportunity is great stuff in terms of sound quality and possibilities with the couple Cubase PC-shuttered it.

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Not rack 8 mic preamp, 8 stereo voice, 1 multimix 16 firewire main output, 1 stereo for voice transfer, the two outputs, headphone jack. No adjustment gains for stereo voice. To install everything you'll ever need for audio recording goto the "Synaptec Package Manager" and search for "Ubuntu-Studio" and install all the audio related packages.

Three Steps 1. Enabled "Use Audio Devices" 2. Reboot or logout then back in.

Se connecter Devenir membre. Given the low cost, this is remarkable in itself.


If the mic preamps are competent and the mixer circuitry reasonably quiet, then I don't see how it can fail to be a winner, especially if you need to record several musicians at once. So let's see how it works out in the studio! Checked as an analogue mixer, the Multimix Multimix 16 firewire 16 turned in the kind of performance I'd expect from a well-designed entry-level mixer, insomuch as it was free from hum and hiss, other than when using the mic preamps at high gain settings. It isn't esoteric, but it's not in any way multimix 16 firewire either.


Official Representatives Bill R. Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. StanGenchev September 14, We'll Ship It Fast! Driver 3.The Alesis MultiMix 16 FireWire mixer features the best of both the analog and digital worlds. Delivering multi–channel audio recording to your Mac or PC. Multimix 16 firewire I wouldn't pretend that the mixer multimix 16 firewire of the Multimix Firewire 16 is as sophisticated as the significantly more costly Mackie Onyx, it does have the.

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