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Support the motor with one hand to prevent it from falling out.

Mako Series - RS PrePress

Set the screws and their washers and spacers aside carefully to replace later. Carefully remove the Spinner Motor by lifting it straight out, being careful to not let the mirror touch any part of the chassis. Check the ecrm mako 56 to see if an AP laser driver board is installed.

Note: AP laser driver boards are used on visible systems only. If an AP is installed, proceed with step 3. If an AP is not installed, proceed with step 6. If the optics has an AP ecrm mako 56, check the version of the firmware installed on the main controller board. If the firmware version is V 2. If the firmware version is lower than V 2. If the optics were not supplied with an AC, continue with step 7.

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If they were supplied with an AC, proceed with step Note: This position is hard-wired on the IR systems. Install shim if provided between the reference pin and the optics channel.

The shim is attached to the optics assembly with cellophane tape and should be installed on the same side of the optics that it is taped e. Discard the tape. Ensure the reference pins are seated securely ecrm mako 56 the shim or optics channel. Remove the old shims and replace them with the new shims that are shipped with the new optics assembly.

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Using the old shims with the new optics assembly could cause a System Error 2. Keep ecrm mako 56 old shims with the old optics. For IR systems if a scan lens mask was removed from the channel, replace it and tighten the 2 screws to secure. For visible systems, if the scan lens mask was removed from the channel, replace it with the mask provided in the kit and tighten the ecrm mako 56 screws to secure it.

Connect the following cables: a. Check the firmware version on the AP If the version is lower ecrm mako 56 2. If it is version 2. You have finished the procedure. Replace the systems cover Section 3.

Press the NEXT key and save the settings. Proceed with system warmup and calibration. If it is not version 2. Ecrm mako 56 the firmware version is 2. If the AP firmware version is lower than 2. Please take our 1-Minute survey to tell us about your plans for the two big fall ecrm mako 56 Take The Survey.

You may need new optics assembly. Best, Netherlands.


Maximum Recording Width Stingray Remove the wire connector and remove the nuts from the three mounting screws to remove the cover sensor. Install the new cover sensor, tighten the nuts on the three mounting screws, ecrm mako 56 attach the wire connector to the new cover sensor. Replacing the Mako Optics Assembly 3. Remove the scan lens mask if equipped by removing the two screws and lifting the cover straight up.


The optics assembly is heavy. While removing the optics be very careful to support the assembly, and then pull it up and out toward you while removing it.

Used mako 56

Do not let the assembly fall down toward you while removing it up and out of the system. Ensure that the laser driver board s do not hit the base of the system. Support the optics assembly to prevent it from falling, then remove the fourth screw Figure Use the start of line sensor at the image plane for a left margin reference on these systems.ECRM Mako ecrm mako 36, 46, ecrm mako 56 Maximum Recording Width. Mako " (mm), " (mm) with overscan; Mako ″ ( mm); Mako. Ecrm MAKO 56 IMAGESE from located in USA available on Find more Imagesetter.

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