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The Radeon HD 4850 & 4870: AMD Wins at $199 and $299

Community Archive is read-only - Here you can view content recorded up until February Messages: 2, Joined: Sep 25, Thank you 177.39 forceware Falcon. Jun 20, 4. Messages: 3, Joined: Jul 3, Jun 20, 5.

XP 32bit Driver download link is also dead. Joined: Oct 10, Messages: 1, Location: Melbourne.

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You must log in or sign up to reply here. Also Cellfactor would be great. Using the same core for physics and graphics will end with less graphic perfomance in a GPU 177.39 forceware scenario like a game.

If you use this function you're going to lose FPS, 177.39 forceware question is how many. And the NV PR department won't tell you that. Look at UT3, it destroys now :D.


Nope, the physx driver only works with those cards so far unless I'm mistaken. The driver itself works fine yes but not the 177.39 forceware driver I think but I will give it a try. I tried myself and it works. Its zipped and size is 8KB.

3D Graphics Card Blog: Download NVIDIA Physx Enabled Foreceware

Now, then, a SLI configuration is more meaningful than it once was; as not 177.39 forceware of the cards are being used to their maximum, so there's space for PhysX calculation as well without dropping any FPS. No Crysis no care amiright? Anyway, seriously now, these drivers will allow Nvidia to destroy ATI in benches, not really gameplay. Gameplay quality will be better on Nvidia no doubt, but I still haven't seen how it will impact performance.

Don't see why everyone's going ape:banana::banana::banana::banana:. Just a quick update that as noted earlier, the 177.39 forceware tweak guide will be for Mass Effect. However the game is not available in Australia until June 5, so I won't be able to complete the guide until days after that.

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Shortly thereafter I will work on completing the update to the Firefox Tweak Guide, hopefully in time for the release of the final version of Firefox 3. CPU-Z 1. Although most of them don't make enough use of physics to begin with, that's why you don't notice it while playing through the game. Aug 19, 1 0 18, 177.39 forceware.

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Apr 9, 1, 0 19, 3. Have to give this a go shortly. Joined: Apr 30, Messages: 10, Location: Canberra.

For the same reason others post about the card or the article who will probably never own the 177.39 forceware. I will admit i will more than likely never own any of these, but then again i never thought i would own 177.39 forceware AGP Basically we post about things we may never own because we enjoy discussing new products.

On that note…. 177.39 forceware overkill and over the top… sure…. Good to see it not falling flat 177.39 forceware its face, I will be picking one up as soon as it is available. Sad thing is though, its the only way to get a with a gig of memory per core atm.

Forceware - beta Hardware Canucks

Great job Ati. Depends on your market, 177.39 forceware of the local PC stores near me have a 1GB card from Sapphire in stock. The comment killed me.

The update is available via Steam.NVIDIA issued new GeForce ForceWare drivers for XP and Vista, including PhysX and CUDA support. This 177.39 forceware supports the Beta release for Windows Vista. Adds support for GeForce GTX GPUs. Adds support for NVIDIA PhysX Technology for GPU PhysX.

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