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- TFFS-Configuration - BoxMatrix

Corrections larger than the average take less chrony rtc and smaller corrections take more time, the amount of the correction and the correction time are inversely proportional. Increasing corrtimeratio improves the overall frequency error of the system clock, but increases the overall time error as the corrections take longer.


By default, the ratio is set to 3, the time accuracy of the clock is preferred over its chrony rtc accuracy. The maximum allowed slew rate can be set by the maxslewrate directive see section maxslewrate. The current remaining correction is shown in the tracking report see section tracking as the System time value.


This is similar to the allow directive see section allowexcept that it denies NTP client access to a particular subnet or host, rather than allowing it. There is also a deny all directive with similar behaviour to the allow all directive. Chrony rtc of the main activities of the chronyd program is to chrony rtc out the rate at which the system clock gains or loses time relative to real time.

Running chrony and rtc

This allows chronyd to begin compensating the system clock at that rate whenever it is restarted, even before it chrony rtc had a chance to obtain an equally good estimate of the rate during the new run. This process may take many minutes, at least.

The driftfile command allows a file to be specified into which chronyd can store the rate information. Two parameters are recorded in the file. chrony rtc

The first is the rate at which the system clock gains or loses time, expressed in parts per million, with gains positive. Therefore, a value of The second is an estimate of the error bound around the first value in which the true rate actually lies. To compute the rate of gain or loss of time, chronyd has to store a measurement history chrony rtc each of the time sources it uses.

On Mac OS X, chronyd must simulate such a capability by periodically chrony rtc the system clock forwards or backwards by a suitable amount to compensate for the error built up since the previous slew. For such systems, it is possible to save the measurement history across restarts of chronyd assuming no changes are made to the system clock behaviour whilst it is not running. If this capability is to be used via the dumponexit command in the configuration file, or the dump command in chronycthe dumpdir command should be used to define the directory where the measurement histories chrony rtc saved.

C h r o n y

A source whose reference id the IP address for IPv4 chrony rtc is 1. If this command is present, it indicates that chronyd should save the measurement history for each of its time sources recorded whenever the program exits.


See the dumpdir command above. Fallback drifts are long-term averages of chrony rtc system clock drift calculated over exponentially increasing intervals. They are used when the clock is no longer synchronised to avoid quickly drifting away from true time if there was a short-term deviation in the drift before the synchronisation was lost.

- chrony

The chrony rtc specifies the minimum and maximum interval since chrony rtc clock update to switch between fallback drifts. They are defined as a power of 2 in seconds. The syntax is as follows. In this example, the minimum interval is 16 18 hours and maximum interval is 19 6 days. The system clock frequency will be set to the first fallback 18 hours after last clock update, to the second after 36 hours, etc. This might be a good setting to cover daily and weekly temperature fluctuations.

By default or if the specified chrony rtc or minimum is 0no fallbacks are used and the clock frequency changes only with new measurements from NTP, reference clocks or manual input. It overrides the rtconutc directive see section rtconutc. The include directive includes a specified configuration file or multiple configuration files chrony rtc a wildcard pattern is RTC in your computer.

a Linux kernel an rtcfile directive in your file. Two programs are included in chrony, chronyd is chrony rtc daemon that can be started . Otherwise, chrony will not be able to interact with the RTC device and will give .

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