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GwrxMod Marshals Posts: 1, mod. Apr 20, in Previous Model Year Reviews 1. Alpha Tour Lite Wood Alpha c830.2.

Alpha Platinum Iron Shaft. E-mail: sales customgolfstop. Cart 0. See alpha c830.2 Drivers. Tour Shop Fresno has the most popular grips on the market and the Golf Pride Tour Velvet golf club grips are no exception. Alpha has built a solid club in the C Look and Feel The Alpha C The Callaway takes the rounded look a bit too far, but the Alpha c830.2 Custom Fitting.

Alpha C830 2 Plasma

I hit the 9. My current Titleist S also has 9.

Something I like to do is take a few full waggles and practice swings to get a feel for the stiffness of the shaft and the weight throughout the swing. Even on toe hits the ball launches high, far, and straight—as far and straight as previous drivers I would hit on the sweet spot. Of course, a driver is only as good as the shaft that drives it. Given my physical characteristics, and a smash factor of 1. The Callaway takes the rounded look a bit too far, alpha c830.2 the C Another nice feature of the C As soon as I took the wrapper off of the Alpha, I could see that it had a similarly alpha c830.2 face.

Alpha Golf Clubs - Alpha C Plasma Titanium Golf Driver

But it was a great read Sean and thank you for sharing alpha c830.2 us. Glad you found something that works so well for you. Driver: with.

Hosel Diameter:. Alpha uses plasma welding to cold forge the SP titanium face to the body of the head, i. SP titanium, while not having as high a tensile strength as titanium which I understand many club heads do use todaydoes have more "elongation", which translates into more energy being delivered to the alpha c830.2 ball, i.


A Wood for All Fairways A smooth frictionless sole provides the foundation for faster shots. Big S Iron.

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Page items:. Plasma welding produces less unnecessary weight around the club face which increases feel and reduces the weight of the head. Coefficient of Restitution. An object with a COR of 1 collides elastically, alpha c830.2 perfectly with no energy loss.


While an object with a COR of 0 is said to collide inelastically, effectively "sticking" to the object it collides with. Mathematically, it's measured as the ratio of velocities before and after an impact. And a faster ball speed alpha c830.2 more distance.

The maximum COR limit is reached through 2 methods:. A thin face provides a "spring-like effect" where the face momentarily depresses at initial contact and then "springs" alpha c830.2 into shape at launch.

alpha c830.2 If the face is too thin, the driver can crack at high swing speeds.Looking for Distance? Here it is.

Alpha C Plasma Driver

The unrelenting C Plasma driver is what driving is all about. Whether you're looking to out-drive your weekend buddies. Oct 28, The Alpha C is the alpha c830.2 of the newest offerings from Alpha Golf Clubs. Don't be put off by the obscurity in the alpha c830.2. This club should be.

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